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The landscape is changing. Are you prepared?

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 sustainable innovations 



Innovations for sustainable animal health


Health is defined as the absence of disease. We believe animal health is much more than that. It’s what the animals are eating, how they are moving, and how their wellbeing is. At Vetius Biotechnology, we’re redefining what it means to be healthy. Your animals want to live better and we’ll support these goals. 




Modern dairy farmers face many challenges. Vetius develops sustainable products for animal health and 



Health, sustainability and animal welfare are also important spearheads in the horse industry. Click below for our products.


Dogs play an important social function. We have developed several natural products to support health and well-being. 










Innovation & sustainability




Vetius Biotechnology develops innovative sustainable products to support the microbiome of the animal and and supplement deficiencies. The microbiome in the intestines and on the skin play a decisive role in health.