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about us


Vetius Biotechnology is a specialised agency for the development of innovative and sustainable compact feed, supplements and care products for cattle, horses and dogs. We focus on the natural support of the animal's health and well-being.


An animal in a better condition is less sick, experiences a higher level of animal welfare and loses less production. For our products we only use natural ingredients which have been carefully researched for efficacy.


Vetius cooperates with veterinarians, pharmacists and researchers.   



Vetius Biotechnology uses the latest (moleculair) biological techniques for the isolation and testing of bioactive substances from the natural raw materials we use as a basis for our products.


An important goal of our products is to support the microbiome. The microbiome in the intestines and rumen plays an essential role in resistance, feed conversion or digestion, the environment, antibiotic resistance, disease status, etc.


A new component in our product development is the microbiome of the skin and udder skin.