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Vetius Biotechnology develops sustainable products to support health and animal welfare.It is essential that the health of your flock is optimal for a higher level of animal welfare and a consistent production. The basis of our products is formed by natural ingredients, from garlic extracts to medical mushroom extracts.

Improving rumen and intestinal function through improved microbiome functioning is our focus. The product line includes GMP+ products for: immune resistance, mastitis and somatic cell count, udder health, ketosis, deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium, biotin, calf diarrhoea, endometritis, liver fluke, pain & fever, transition and dry-off period.

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Natural extracts can contribute to your horse's diet, health, performance and well-being.


Our products are suitable for all types of horses and are also used by top stables at home and abroad.


We have developed a product line with effective products for joints, breathing, fertility, stomach & intestines and calming supplements.


We support a doping-free sport.  

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At Vetius have developed a balanced, natural line of products for dogs.


These supplements give your dog the necessary daily support and provide a high-quality addition to the daily diet.


Our food supplements help maintain healthy bones and joints, but also have a stress-relieving effect.